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The Alki Community Council is a neighborhood, residential, group organized to:

    1. Promote the orderly and comprehensive enhancement, preservation and improvement of our neighborhood and beach;
    2. Initiate or respond to actions which affect the physical, social, educational and economic betterment of the neighborhood;
    3. Encourage the participation of Alki residents in decisions affecting our neighborhood;
    4. Encourage cooperative and democratic processes; and
      Communicate with, cooperate with and support as appropriate, government agencies, private or public organizations and individuals with objectives similar to the Alki Community Council.
    5. Reflect the views and concerns of residents.

A membership in the Alki Community Council gives you the opportunity to make official MOTIONS and VOTE at Alki Community Council Meetings.

Dues are annual and are as follows:

• $20 per annual membership per person

• $10 per annual membership per person for *seniors (65 and older) and students (students must be full-time and have valid student identification)

Interested in joining us – contact Larry Carpenter {email Larry}
Alki Community Membership Secretary or call at 206-938-0887.

One membership entitles you to one vote!

Many of our members have one membership per household with one representative voting. If you’d like more than one vote per household, additional memberships are required.
Current Board Members {2020}:

Tony Fragada

Randie Stone
Vice President

Kathy Olson

Larry Carpenter
Membership Secretary


Jim Burrow
Greg Showalter
Will Winter


Tony Fragada Webmaster