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Alki Community Council Meeting Agenda

October 17, 2013

Agenda Topics:

1) Michelle Allison, Legislative Aide for Councilman Joe McDermott’s office will be giving us some background on data being gathered for the WS Water Taxi Shuttle. The KC Water Taxi District is also reviewing this past year’s statistics. This should help inform our response as Metro looks at route modifications for next year.

2) WS Transportation Coalition has sent a letter to local officials urging them to take a comprehensive look at transportation on the peninsula. ACC will be informed of follow-up meetings and activities where we can work together.

3) The 2414 55th Ave Rowhouse Development has received DPD approval for moving forward. The 3008 Alki Ave rowhouse comment period ends 18th Oct. It would be good to get a formal vote on whether this type of development is appropriate for Alki.

4) “Alki Girls” statue location has been selected (just north of Salty’s). Review of past projects (Weatherwatch Park, Cormorant Park, Constellation Park, Alki Founders Monument, Statue of Liberty, Bathouse Renovation, Sealsitters Statue) may help us understand how to respond to any future requests for support.

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