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Please help keep our beaches clean!

July 6, 2011

July 4th litter at Alki Beach

(photo courtesy of David Hutchinson)

As  the days get warmer, Alki hosts many visitors and families down at the beaches.   Please try to help us keep our shorelines clear of debris and walkways  absent of garbage.   This is just a reminder of some simple things you can do to make sure our shorelines remain healthy and safe for both people and animals.

Below are some beachside etiquette tips to ensure that your visit to Alki is as enjoyable as it is for those of us who live here year ’round.

Pack it in and pack it out – garbage at Alki has been an ongoing problem and with recent cutbacks in budgets our community relies heavily on volunteers to keep our parks, walk ways and shorelines clear of garbage. Please consider using reusable containers when picnicking or taking your garbage with you. Recycle what you can and pack a plastic bag to store left over garbage.

Friends of Alki Beach, is volunteer crew who are responsible for the area of the Park from 59th Ave SW to 63rd Ave SW. If you are a local resident who is interested in lending a hand, contact Larry Carpenter of the ACC at 206-938-0887.

Dogs must be leashed — There are prominent signs along the beach stating that dogs are not allowed on the beach and they must be on a leash, owners are subject to fines of up to $500. Animal Control will monitor the area and actively enforce the city’s leash, scoop and license laws. There is an off-leash park in West Seattle at Westcrest Park.

Park in marked stalls – Fortunately parking at Alki Beach is free; however this tends to create a parking-gridlock along Alki Beach Boulevard. Please pay attention to parking signage and respect residents’ driveways leaving enough room for folks to manoeuvre out.

Fire pits – everyone loves a beach bbq especially over an open fire. Alki Beach offers dedicated fire pits that visitors must use if they are planning to have a bonfire. They are offered on a first-come, first-served basis so get to the beach early! Beach hours are 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Green up your ride – remember there are some excellent public transportation options for getting to Alki Beach! The water taxi offers hourly crossings between downtown Seattle and Seacrest Pier with a regular shuttle bus that drops you along the beach. King County Metro offers multiple express buses to the Alki neighborhood.

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