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Remembering Jule Sugarman, ACC President

November 10, 2010
Jule Sugarman, ACC President

Jule Sugarman, ACC President

Jule Sugarman, current President of the Alki Community Council, died at home after a brief struggle with cancer on November 2, 2010.

Many knew Jule from his leadership of the ACC, but he was also very active in his church, the Universalist-Unitarian Church of West Seattle, or even from meeting Jule, and his wife Candace, as they took their walks along Alki Beach.

But the influence of Jule Sugarman will live on long after his death. Jule was a key figure in shaping the national Head Start Program under the Johnson administration, and was its first long-term administrator. Jule passionately believed all Americans should have a decent start in life. More than just education, Head Start programs have fed the bodies, as well as the minds, of millions of our nation’s poorer children for over 40 years since the program began, and exists until this day.

Jule went on to be a city manager and administrator in New York, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. Back in the national scene, he was Vice Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and Deputy Director of the Office of Personnel Management under President Carter. He came to Washington State and became Director of the Department of Social and Health Services before retiring to Alki Beach with his wife, Candace Sullivan.

Even in retirement, Jule chose to help others wherever he could. For the past year and a half he was President of the Alki Community Council. His quiet, thoughtful manner of approaching people and problems led us all to a higher standard, and his inclusive style insured everyone had a chance to speak.

Whether as a younger civil servant or attending the ACC Family Fun Day he helped to create last September, his life-long philosophy seemed to be reflected in two questions: Can we make this situation better? And, how can we do it most effectively?

Jule Sugarman believed everyone had a right to a happy and productive life, and he always did what he could to help others have that life. No wonder, he always had that smile…

All of us will miss the radiance of Jule’s life. He shared that radiance unstintingly with everyone, and we know the glow of that light will continue to shine on in, quite literally, the millions he helped. We were all very privileged to know him, and be befriended by him.

Written by Paul Carr, Secretary

Alki Community Council

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