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Plaza receives next round of engraved bricks

May 28, 2010
Complimentary Law Enforcement Brick

ACC Complimentary Law Enforcement Brick

The installation of all engraved bricks in the Plaza was completed this week. The ACC provided a complimentary brick honoring the sacrifices of our law enforcement personnel.

An index listing the approximate locations of the 257 bricks from this sale is being prepared and will be added to the and our website soon.  If you can’t wait for the list and want to find out sooner, please contact Eilene at or 206-933-8352.

There are only 80 bricks left for sale that will be installed by Parks in the fall. There are 5 bronze plaques still available for purchase.

Proceeds from the sale of these bricks and plaques are given to Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation for costs associated with the maintenance and care of the Plaza.   The ACC is allowed to retain 7% of this amount as fiscal sponsor.

For more information, visit or contact Eilene Hutchinson with ACC Brick Sales at 206-933-8352 or for Tribute Plaques call Libby Carr at 206-938-8721 or email at

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