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Let’s talk trash…

May 12, 2010
Garbage problem at Alki Beach

Garbage problem at Alki Beach

If you were one of the many hundreds of folks gathering at the beaches this past weekend; it’s likely you saw volleyball players, picnickers, families and piles and piles of litter. For those of us that live here the sight of overflowing trash bins and discarded cups and paper plates is a reminder of the downside of the upcoming season filled with sunny days, visitors and large gatherings – it creates tons and tons of trash.

“With the ongoing budget crisis at Parks, there is probably little hope that this situation will dramatically improve in the short term. When you go to the beach for a picnic, it would be good idea to come prepared by bringing a plastic garbage bag from home. There are 2 green dumpsters just east of the Bathhouse for garbage and 1 blue dumpster west of the Bathhouse for recyclables,” noted David Hutchinson, local resident and photographer.

While we rely on the City’s Park Department to manage the bins and clear them out as needed, we hope that visitors will help us keep our waterfront litter free.

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