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Shoremont now subject of “emergency order”

August 22, 2009

As reported on the West Seattle Blog, and emergency order has been issued for the Shoremont Apt Building.  

The Shoremont Apartment Building, located at 2464 Alki Ave SW, was supposed to be demolished and turned into townhouses.    Here is a link to permits applied for according to the DPD:,,ALKI,AVE,SW

The demolition permit was issued in May of 2007.  In August of 2008, the SPD used the building for tactical training, leaving many busted windows and doors.  Since that time, the property has been grossly neglected. 

  • The grounds have not been maintained at all and the property and the planting strip are covered with tall, dry weeds and overgrown bushes
  • Garbage can be found all over the property
  • Basement doors are wide open in the back of the building
  • Graffiti can be found on the INSIDE of windows, confirming entry by outsiders
  • There is an open window that could be entered on the first floor level
  • Many large paint containers and construction materials scattered on the site
  • Main level doors are partially bashed in, leaving access for area pets/animals to enter the building

Here are some photos recently taken:








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