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Propose Amendments to Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan

March 30, 2009

From: Sally J. Clark

First, thank you to those of you who provided feedback about the Comprehensive Plan update process we go through every year. After several conversations with many of you and others about how to make the process more user-friendly, I’ve developed a proposal for a new Comp Plan update calendar that I hope will work better.  This email is intended to explain the new calendar and help kick-off the 2009-2010 update process.
Once a year, we have the opportunity to amend the city’s Comprehensive Plan ( )(Comp Plan), which is the document that sets out the goals, values and policies that guide Seattle as we grow over time. It’s a blueprint intended to guide us in growing responsibly. Council welcomes suggested amendments from anyone, including neighbors, business owners, councilmembers themselves and city staff.
If you’d like to propose an amendment for consideration, you can now submit an application (
)by 5 p.m. on May 15 to the City Council at, or mail it to the address included on the application form.
In previous years, the deadline for the public to propose amendments came just three weeks into the new year. After the winter break, it was a challenge for residents to engage in the process.  In response, Council recently passed Resolution 31117, which shifted the amendment process timeline later into the year. 
Sometimes amendments are proposed that would be better addressed through working with City departments or through legislation.  For residents to better understand the role of the Comprehensive Plan, the City Council has adopted criteria ( )that it uses in selecting Comp Plan amendments to consider.  Proposed amendments may include changes to policies, the future land use map, appendices, or other components of the Comprehensive Plan. (Most rezones don’t require amending the Comp Plan.)
After an initial screen to identify issues that could be addressed better in other ways, Council will forward amendments for further staff work and final consideration early next year. That’s when we’ll review the staff work, hear from all of you, and then consider adoption of the proposals. The new deadline for Council action on Comp Plan amendments is March 31.
I hope you’ll forward this email to anyone who might be interested in proposing an amendment.  If you’d like further information, please contact my office, or visit my website at and click on the “Propose a Comp Plan Amendment” link. 

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Comprehensive Plan, please call Ketil Freeman of Council Central Staff at (206) 684-8178. To receive a copy of recommendations and notification of public hearing dates, call the number above or e-mail the Ketil at ketil.freeman@seattle.govto be placed on the Comp Plan mailing list.

Best regards,
 Sally J. Clark
Seattle City Council
600 Fourth Ave., 2nd Floor
PO Box 34025
Seattle, WA  98104-1860
(206) 684-8802 office, (206) 684-8587 fax, (206) 233-0025 TTY

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