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West Seattle Trails Wayfinding Project

March 25, 2009

West Seattle Trails Wayfinding Project
West Seattle Trails Alliance

West Seattle offers a great array of parks, water access, vistas, commercial, and residential areas. The community has been working since 2004 on connecting these assets through a walking trails network composed of streets, staircases, sidewalks, and park trails. With trails mapped out, the West Seattle Trails Alliance was formed to support the development of wayfinding to make this trail network truly functional. A trail is lost without a sign to find it.
The West Seattle Trails Project will build 10 kiosks and 60 wayfinding signs on the trail network throughout the Southwest District.

This project is an example to the rest of the city on how communities can support their neighborhood and develop trails. Already, the North East District is beginning to replicate the project.

A completed trail network for West Seattle will span the peninsula with 100 miles of trails. To help people get around, there will be:
• 23 wayfinding kiosks,
• ~250 on-street trail signs,
• a regional wayfinding map,
• local area maps at each kiosk

Ways You Can Volunteer:
We need your help to make this project happen. If you would like to help with any of the following activities, contact
• plan your neighborhood’s kiosks
• choose locations to site the signs with your neighbors
• make the artwork for your local kiosks at community events
• have your organization adopt a local kiosk
• walk the trails to measure lengths, look for safety issues, or provide better routes
• develop names for your favorite trails
• tell your friends and neighbors about the project
• reach out to less represented community members
• join the steering committee to coordinate the project
• donate your skills to the project

For information on the project:
Seth Schromen-Wawrin: or 652-2310
Chas Redmond:

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